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MOLNIYA missile boat Project 12421,12418

  • Product details
  • Specifications
  • Propulsion plant
  • Armament
MOLNIYA Missile Boat is intended to engage hostile surface combatants, transports and landing ships in the littoral zones and open sea areas.
Displacement fully-loaded, t 550
Length overall, m 56,9
Beam overall, m 13,0
Midship depth, m 5,31
Draught fully-loaded, m 3,62
Top speed, kts 38
Cruising speed, kts 12
Cruising range, miles 2400
Endurance, days 10
Crew, persons 44
2 x M15E OM5 gas turbine units, total power output of 17420 kW (23700 h.p.) at t=34ºC,
2 x MTU 20V1163NB93 diesel engines, total power output of 14800 kW (19850 h.p.).
  • Armament
MOLNYA’s armament consists of attack missile, anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems.

Depending on ship’s modification and according to Customer’s request different kind of armament of these types can be installed on the boat.

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Attack missiles (Project 12421)

MOSKIT missile system is provided to engage surface targets.
The system comprises a fire control equipment suite and two twin (over-and-under) missile launchers accommodating a total of four low-altitude MOSKIT (3M80Е) supersonic cruise missiles with active guidance system.
  • Missile flight range – 120 km.
  • Flight altitude – 20 m.
  • Flight speed – 2-2,4 M.
Attack missiles (Project 12418)

URAN-E missile system is provided to engage surface targets (project 12418).
The system comprises four missile launchers accommodating a total of sixteen URAN (3M24Е) cruise missiles.
  • Missile flight range — 130 km.
  • Flight speed — 0,9 M.
Anti-aircraft missiles

12 х IGLA-class guided anti-aircraft missile systems are provided to engage airborne targets.
  • Missile flight range — up to 5200 m
  • Target altitude — 10-3500 m

1x 76.2-mm AK-176M automatic gun mount is provided to engage airborne, surface and coastal targets.
  • Fire rate — up to 130 rds per minute.
  • Maximum firing range — up to 15.7 km.

2 x AK-630M 30-mm automatic gun mounts intended to engage airborne and small surface targets.
  • Fire rate — up to 5000 rds per minute.
  • Maximum firing range — up to 8 km.